Polish Prices – Alcohol and Cigarettes

March 28, 2013 in Banking & Finance, Basic Information, Finance, Food, General, Leisure, Lifestyle, Polish Business, Polish Matters, Travelling Poland

This is my second post on Polish prices. This time, I focused on alcohol and cigarettes as they seem to be of most interest to many tourists in Poland. At the same time, they will probably be a bargain for most of you coming down here from western countries. Hopefully, you will get the feel for what the prices are in Poland for those items.

Payment in Poland – cash, cards, wireless

February 17, 2013 in Banking & Finance, Basic Information, Finance, General, Lifestyle, Polish Business, Polish Matters, Shopping, Travelling Poland

Once you arrive in Poland, whether you like ot or not, you will have to pay for many things, just like you do pretty much anywhere else. Your hotel, taxi, food, public transport and so on. As Poland is not in the Euro zone you may be a bit confused about the currency and worry about possible payment methods. It’s an unneccessary worry – payment in Poland is as easy as anywhere else.  

A stag party in Poland

February 13, 2013 in Accomodation, Attractions, Finance, Food, International, Leisure, Lifestyle, Transport, Travelling Poland

Having that one last, full blown party right before getting married should be quite something, right? There are numerous reasons why many people decide on a stag party in Poland to say goodbye to their single state. The options to spend a great night or a great weekend in Poland are endless, and don’t come down just to drinking and lap-dancing.