Polish weather – Polar bears and igloos (myth 1)

January 21, 2013 in Basic Information, Travelling Poland, Uncategorized

I want to start a small program of dealing with a few myths about Poland. By myths I mean things, which non-Poles tend to believe in often for no apparent reason at all. Let’s start with myth no. 1 – Polish weather being extrememly cold and icy

Polish carnival time!

January 21, 2013 in Attractions, Events, Leisure, Lifestyle

Poland is a Roman-Catholic country. Pretty much everyone seems to know this. In reality, the overall influence of religion on people seems to be relatively small and there’s a big pressure of the “young and wise” to get rid of religious remains in general. 

Welcome to the Blog of Poland!

January 20, 2013 in Basic Information

Welcome to all of you! My name is Michael and I’m the author / owner of this blog. I am Polish, yet I have travelled a bit in my life and I’ve spent many years living abroad. I realized quickly that Poland remains quite uknown to most, and information about Poland, if any, is generally untrue, based on stereotypes ranging even to superstition.