Polish carnival time!

January 21, 2013 in Attractions, Events, Leisure, Lifestyle

Polish Carnival 300x200 Polish carnival time!

Picture © yanlev – Fotolia.com

Poland is a Roman-Catholic country. Pretty much everyone seems to know this. In reality, the overall influence of religion on people seems to be relatively small and there’s a big pressure of the “young and wise” to get rid of religious remains in general. 

No matter what your opinion on religion may be, it remains a fact that the advent (the 4 week period when everyone’s awaiting Christmas Eve) is followed by the Carnival! icon biggrin Polish carnival time! Starting December 31st with New Year’s Eve we start almost two months of partying, dancing, eating and drinking our butts off.

When you’re in a major city, like Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan or Wroclaw, you will find a proper carnival party at any weekend. All the night clubs are offering special dress-up carnival parties at least once a year, so you’re certain to find one at any time.

Your common carnival party will have a foregoing motive, like the 20′s, a pirate’s cavern or perhaps the hippie times … in other words, people get dressed up. Some love it, others hate it. Personally, I couldn’t really imagine myself dressed as a pirate, but then again – life’s short, why not gove it a try?

I will write a different post about clubbing in Poland soon, but rememeber that wherever you are there are night clubs. They will play typical, western music all night long but there are special nights, during which there’ll be only R&B, soul, hip hop or disco. So just name your poison, and you will get it! Of course, if you’re for instance a heavy metal fan there are also clubs with the right bang for you.

Polish carnival is not in the streets, but it is a good time with companies organizing their staff parties, people partying at home and in clubs. Do join us 0 it is worth it icon smile Polish carnival time!