Will they legalize marihuana in Poland?

January 22, 2013 in Formalities, Lifestyle, News, Politics

Marihuana in Poland 300x243 Will they legalize marihuana in Poland?

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Recently, a teenage boy has committed suicide. His mother apparently claims that he was under the influence of drugs, and marihuana in particular. I will not comment on this personal tragedy, being a father myself I just can’t do that. However, this situation has started (again) a serious debate about the legalization of light drugs including marihuana in Poland.

For those of you who may not be aware – at present, it is illegal to be in possession of marihuana or any other drugs. The amount is not relevant, if the Police finds you with the smallest amount of drugs they will consider this as an offence and you may (and probably will) get arrested. It is also illegal to drive while under the influence of any intoxicating substances, which includes not only alcohol but also drugs.

The relatively new “Ruch Palikota” political party stands strong to legalize marihuana in Poland, whereas most other parties are against it. Interestingly enough, this is one of the very few issues in which most of the Polish political forces stand in unison. On the other hand, some media and celebrities support the legalizing movement by openly admitting to be smoking pot (although they all smoked a long time ago – noone does it at present, or so they say icon wink Will they legalize marihuana in Poland? ).

There is an (illegal) market for marihuana in Poland. If one were to trust the media (and I generally don’t) it is very simple for kids to buy the stuff in highschools and even in gymnasiums. One phone call to a dealer is enough, they say, and there are plenty of dealers around. I haven’t been in highschool for a long time know, so it’s difficult for me to verify this issue. However, I am constantly meeting people in my adult life who are or claim to have been smoking marihuana at a certain time in their life. Also, a few of them do it still on a regular basis.

Considering that the above is true despite the drug being highly illegal, I start to wonder whether making it legal would not be a good solution after all. Kids smoke, and so do adults. They manage to get it, and most of them never get jailed or even fined (which, by the way, is a good thing considering how overfilled Polish prisons are). It is also common knowledge by now that marihuana is not more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes (some even claim it’s healthier).

If we make it legal, it would be controlled. If we make it legal, it would bring income to legal businesses. If we make it legal, it will bring taxes. If we make it legal all dealers and mafia will loose an important source of income. Isn’t all that worth the risk?

And what’s the risk? Well, it will become easier to get it. Furthermore, for some (more likely adults than kids) it will create the impression that it can’t be that bad if it’s legal. And maybe rightfully so. And what about the kids? I tend to think that if you’re a parent then this is your problem. It is legal to smoke and drink, it is legal to swear your butt off and be a jerk in general, it is also legal to become pregnant (or a father) at age 13 assuming that both partners are of similar age. Do you want your kids to get there? If you can prevent that, than educating your children on the use of marihuana in Poland or anywhere else should not be all that difficult.