Polish in Poland – Part 1

January 24, 2013 in Basic Information, Language, Lifestyle

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It’s time to say something about the Polish language and the ways you can learn it if you wish to. Be it just a slight bit, to get around your favourite Polish place, or full-time if you an expat down here or for whatever reason wish to learn. Be warned though – it may not be easy, or so they say … 


Rumour has it (and Wiki confirms!) that J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and many more fantastic, but forgotten pieces of art, has spoken well in 30 languages. I can easily believe that considering that he developed the language of Middle Earth (the one that the Elves use) from scratch and it’s actually a fully “speakable” language. Yet he apparently tried to learn Polish but decided that it was to weird and difficult and eventually gave it up. Can’t blame him. But then again, I’m sure there are weirder languages out there and if you really like to learn Polish you’re weird enough to accept a weird language.

Anyway, there seems to be no better place to learn Polish than in Poland. Just the sound of it – Polish in Poland … we Poles would call such a mix of similar words “masło maślane” which means nothing less that “buttery butter”. Yes, we’re a bit weird, but I think I already said that …

It is my intention to provide you with a fairly valuable resource of the options you have to learn Polish in Poland and abroad (although the second option may be a bit tricky). Those would include “Polish as a second language” schools in major Polish cities, books, self study guides, web sites and the like. I will also do my best to research the possibilities abroad but in that you will be probably better experts than I. So if you know of any institution that you’d recommend – please drop me a line, I’ll be delighted to learn about it and write something as well. Hopefully, together we’ll be able to create a good resource for others.

The same applies to those of you who had an opportunity to learn Polish in Poland. Please let me know where you’ve studied and what you think both of the language and of the school / course you attended. Like I said, I will provide you with options but for obvious reasons I’m not really able to check how good or bad they are. Again – let’s make this blog interactive and give me some feedback.

No to the jist of learning Polish in Poland (yes, I keep using that frase – I just can’t help myself!). First of all, to my great surprise, it is much easier to find Polish language schools when you Google them in Polish than when you do in English. Go figure! I mean, why on earth would a Polish speaking individual look for such courses??

So if you do look for the, I suggest you google “nauka jezyka polskiego w Polsce” – this literally means “studying Polish in Poland” and I left out the Polish letters on purpose assuming you won’t have them on your keyboard. Google works just as well without them. You will get a series of links and feel free to click any of those (there’s nothing dangerous there, even tough you’ll get a whole bunch of Polish site titles). Then you have to choose your language from the given web site’s menu.

On of of those sites (namely here - it’s a Polish Ministry of Education site) you will find a list of all schools / courses of Polish for foreigners which are being held by national univeristies. No private schools will be listed there, but the resource is decent considering that those unversities are spread all over the main cities of Poland.

So, that’s for a start on learning Polish in Poland and anywhere else. I will work on this topic as I believe it may be interesting to many of you. If not – let me know and I’ll leave it be icon wink Polish in Poland   Part 1

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