Medical Tourism in Poland

January 27, 2013 in Basic Information, General, Healthcare, Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism is a fairly new concept and yet is has developed significantly throughout the last years. Poland is now full of private, state of the art medical cliniques and small hospitals with services ranging from dentistry through significant medical issues onto plastic surgery. All this goes at very reasonable prices, making medical tourism in Poland a good option for many foreigners.

When thinking of Poland you may not neccessarily think of good healthcare. No wonder – the public healthcare system is quite awful and if you’ve ever listened to any Polish friends, you would have found them complaining about it. But that’s public. And public anywhere is bad. I have yet to find a single country in which a public healthcare system works at an, at leat, satisfying level.

That’s why there are many, and I mean many, private health institution. There are huge chains, like Lux Med or Medicover, which are being used to a great extend by Poles working for large and medium corporations. They have health care plans for entire families and offer a very decent level of service and a large variety of medical assistance. There are also many small cliniques, which generally specialize in a certain type of service. Personally, it’s the smaller one’s I would recommend for medical tourism in Poland, as they will be more customer focused and “eager to please” if I may say so. But then, the big chains will certainly do a good job as well.

Medcial tourism in Poland sometimes seems as almost a neccessity for some foreigners. I have had several occasions to work with UK people who would fly down to Poland for business. Many, many times would they stay a day longer than required just to get their teeth done. I know nothing of the healthcare system in the UK, but apparently they found it was a really good deal.

You should also not worry about the language. Clearly, you can speak English in any private medical institution. They aim their products to a great extend also at foreign patients, so they speak English. But you will also find on the net places which speak German (many of those) and less frequent, but also present, French, Spanish or Italian. So there’s no need to worry that you will find yourself unable to communicate with your doctor or nurse. It must also be said, that the best clinics obviously try to hire the best doctors. So, especially if you need something more serious than a removal of a bad tooth, you are likely to find yourself in the hands of a professor, often quite known in the medical world both here and abroad. They have their language and their knowledge, so you will be in good hands. And they know that medical tourism in Poland is becoming more and more popular, so they really try to make the right impression.

Of course, the places must be equipped with the right stuff. You will find them having all the newest tomographs, PET and CAT scanners, ultrasonographs and so forth. I’m not really a medical guy, but I like all that stuff the have. It seems professional and I’ve not heard of any large screw up on their part.

So it’s not all pretty and sweet and I don’t get accused of being paid for this (which I’m not!) there was a singular problem about two (or was it three?) years ago. A young lady from Sweden I believe came into a Polish clinic for plastic breast surgery. Something went wrong and they aeren’t able to recover her from the anesthesia. It was a huge deal all over the news. As tragic the incident is, I treat this also as a fairly good sign – it happened once in a 3 year period. I can only hope that this is due to a mistake which probably happen even to the best doctors all over the world.

I will try to write more about the healthcare system and perhaps have a chat with a few of those places to give you more insight. But for now, remember that you will find state of the art clinics, with the best, modern equipment (I recently saw an advertising of a 3D computer which simulates the effects of planned plastic surgery – so if you want a new nose, you’ll see what it’ll look like before they cut  you up). Really cool. You will also get good doctors and professional service. If you’re considering medical tourism, personally I strongly believe that you will be very happy with medical tourism in Poland.