Polish franchising – simple yet innovative business ideas

January 27, 2013 in Basic Information, Business News, Investments, Polish Business

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As it is my intention to write quite a bit about Polish business matters, I would like to start the series off with a short introduction to Polish franchising systems. As we Poles are apparently (according to some statistics which I don’t remember and hence cannot quote) a very entrepreneurial folk, but with not enough investment money, franchising seems a great option for many. 


Of course, the history of Polish franchising starts with the typical, known-to-all, large franchise chains. Those would include MnDonalds and AmRest – w company holding Pizza Hut and KFC franchises in Poland. Yet the beginning wasn’t as easy as one could have imagined. I remember back around 1995 – 1997 there were five major fast food chains present in Warsaw: McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. Amazingly enough, two of them dissapeared – Taco Bell left for good and Burger King was gone for almost 15 years. It just came back recently, about 2 years ago and it’s building up its franchise network.

Since 1995 the franchise idea has developed greatly. Fast food is just a slight portion of it, and even that is growing (for instance with the rapid expansion of Subway restaurants and the aforementioned Burger King). Many foreign franchise ideas have caught up in the Polish reality and are doing well. But we didn’t have to wait long for Polish franchising to set off with a few ideas borrowed from “the west” and many more of their owners invention.

It would be difficult for me to decide which of them are more significant than others. Salad Story is a typical, nomen omen, success story of two Polish ladies who made it by combining the fast-food-on-the-go model with healthy nutrition in the form of a large variety of salads. The business seems to be going great and you can find a Salad Story restaurant / bar in pretty much every mall or shopping center in Poland. A perfect example of a great Polish franchising idea.

There are, of course, more typically Polish franchising systems out there. Some of the more curious once include the Gruby Benek (meaning “Fat Benny”) pizza franchise or the Ministerstwo Śledzia i Wódki (literally – the Ministry of Herring and Vodka) which is a bar serving, amonth other things, this typical Polish male-night-out dish.

But as much as we love to dine and wine, food is not the only thing which entrepreneurs chose to convert into Polish franchising systems. Some other examples include Abrakadabra – a foreign language school system for kids, CRM Holding which deals with electrical energy sales (the Polish energy market has been only recently freed from the government’s monopoly) or EcoMyjnia, an ecological car wash facility.

The leading portal for Polish franchising systems, www.franchising.pl, lists a total of 445 systems available in Poland (both Polish and foreign ones). This is a very decent number, and something to be happy about as most of those systems really present great added value to the future entrepreneur. So, regardless of whether your Polish or not, if you were thinking of starting up your own business somewhere in Poland, then some of those systems might be the perfect choice for you. They tend to perfectly combine the benefits of being an entrepreneur without the hassle and risk of having to test ones own business idea. Give it a shot!