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warsaw radio channels 300x224 Warsaw radio stations One of the things I miss when I’m travelling is a good overwiev of local radio channels, especially when I’m driving. So I thought it maybe useful for you if I present the most popular ones. I focused on Warsaw radio stations because there are many (a total of 33 if I’m not mistaken) and the popular ones can be found all over Poland (although under different frequencies).


The Warsaw radio stations I selected for the list below are those, which in my opinion may be of interest to foreigners visiting Poland briefly or permanently. There is no radio channel I know of, which would broadcast in English (one exception, seasonally, is Channel 1 of Polskie Radio, but we’ll get to that). However, you’ll have a choice o typical pop music, rock, hard rock, dance and Polish artists. So here’s the list (in the order of the frequency – as a resource I used a list provided by nadaje.com, I hope you guys don’t mind).

  • 89,0 MHz – Radio Maryja – this is an exclusively Christian (Roman-Catholic to be exact) radio channel. There are many controversies about this station, and one day I will probably devote a post just to that topic. I don’t know if it’ll interest you, but if you’re in need to listen to a mass – here you’ll find it.
  • 89,8 MHz – Radio WaWa – this is one of the few exclusive Warsaw radio stations. They play only Polish music, but generally don’t get too deep into the old stuff. Rather, you will find new Polish hits and some famous songs, known probably to most Poles alive.
  • 91,0 MHz – RMF FM – a radio station available all over Poland (although on different frequencies). RMF is one of the two mainstream radio channels (the other being Radio Zet somewhere below), playing all the popular, modern stuff you will hear anywhere in the world. So, if you really need Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Psy and so forth – that’s the frequency you want to tune in on.
  • 92,4 MHz – Channel One of Polskie Radioprobably not known to well as one of the Warsaw radio stations, Polskie Radio as such is a government owned institution. As such, it’s probably also the oldest radio station in Poland. Polskie Radio offers a total of 4 channels, yet I have included only channel one and channel 3 on the list, as they seem appropriate. You will get a lot of interviews and talking in general, and the few songs you’ll hear will be mostly international oldies (although the most popular ones, so most people can’t help but sing along). Also, this is the only radio channel I know of which transmits news (every hour, upon the hour) in English, French and German (besides Polish of course). Unfortunatelly, they do that only in summer time in a program they call “The Summer with the radio”. But if you need news in a foreign language, that’s where you’ll find it.
  • 94,0 MHz – Antyradio – as the name implies, this is not exactly the most polite of Warsaw radio stations. Antyradio offers a no-b.s. insight into the news and plays hard rock and heavy metal. If you feel like a bit of Metallica, Slayer, Korn and so forth – this is certainly the channel for you. For me, it’s tiring after a while, but it really helps to get through the traffic jams in Warsaw icon smile Warsaw radio stations
  • 95,8 MHz – RMF Maxxx - this is a sister radio of RMF FM. They play dance and disco music all day long. Perfect for highways (but there aren’t too many in Poland) and fast driving in general (which you can’t do while stuck in Warsaw traffic). So, considering Warsaw radio channels, a waste of time during the day. On the other hand – perfect for night time.

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