Justin Bieber in Poland

February 1, 2013 in Arts, Attractions, Events, General, Leisure, Transport

Justin Bieber in Poland 300x200 Justin Bieber in Poland

Picture © Dusan Kostic – Fotolia.com

We don’t really get to pick our stars, do we? Today, the Polish news was full of information about Justin Bieber coming to Łódź, Poland on March 25th. The concert will be held at the Atlas Arena. Justin Bieber in Poland is a dream come true for many fans, mostly teenage girls.


As I’m not at all a JB fan, I may be getting some of this wrong, but the overall idea should be correct. Some time ago (about a year or two, whenever Bieber’s last tournee in Europe held place) Polish fans made a huge deal about him not visiting Poland. If you go through YouTube as I just did, you will find videos made by fans for him, asking, pleading and begging for a concert of Justin Bieber in Poland. But it never happened.

Now, for whatever reason, all of the sudden it turns out that the great teenage start will visit our humble country. I wonder what happend, as the media (like TVN24) claim that the original March 25th concert was supposed to be held in Lyon rather than Łódź. But whatever happened, I’m quite happy about it. Not because I particularly like Bieber (honetsly, I played one of his songs on YouTube just now, before writing this article, so at least I know what I’m writing about) but because he is a world known star, he’s got many fans in Poland and they will certainly be thrilled to watch him perform. So, we will gladly welcome Justin Bieber in Poland!

The concert will take place in Łódź, which is a city in central Poland, about 120 km from Warsaw. The Atlas Arena is a concert and sports hall, relatively new, as it was opened in 2009. It houses many great events, from top artists to popular boxing games. They claim, on their own website, to be tha largest such place in Poland. Up until today I thought that title went to the National Stadium in Warsaw – I guess you just have to learn all your life.

Should any of you choose to come to see Justin Bieber in Poland, here are some basic direction on how you can get there. Łódź has its own airport, and there are flights by Ryanair (Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London Stansted and Oslo) as well as by WizzAir (London Luton) and SAS (Copenhagen). The last one is particularly interesting, as with SAS you can reach Łódź (via Copenhagen) from virtually anywhere around the world including major airports in the States and Canada. So if you’re really a Bieber fan, nothing can stop you.

If you’re not fortunate enough to live in the UK, Scottlad or Ireland and cannot fully enjoy the direct low cost connections, you can still get a flight to watch Justin Bieber in Poland. All you need to do is fly to the Warsaw International Airport – it has connections to almost every European capital plus two connections to the US (New York and Chicago) and one to Canada (Toronto). The drive from Warsaw to Łódź is only about 120 km and shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. There are coaches and small buses freely available, or you can rent a car and drive down (if you happen to feel really brave on that day).

The tickets can be bought from www.ticketpro.pl (although they’re not available yet, as I write this post) and are priced from 170 to 1000 PLN (approx. 60 to 330 USD, 45 to 250 Euro, 35 to 200 GBP). They’ll be moving fast once they become available, I can tell you that. Despite some negative voice, Justin Bieber in Poland is a big thing a lot of people will want to come.

Ok, so much for this news. Below is a JB video so you can see what you’ll get at the concert and also a Google map excerpt for the location of the Atlas Arena (and Łódź, as probably noone knows where that’s at).

Also, the hotel in Łódź will be filling up quickly. Make sure to make a reservation on time, for instance with Booking.com – this blog is an affiliate partner for them, but I used that search engine many times and it really did give good prices and valuable insight into the hotel I was booking.