Beyonce in Poland – Orange Warsaw Festival 2013

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Beyonce in Poland 248x300 Beyonce in Poland   Orange Warsaw Festival 2013

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Only last Friday did I write about Justin Bieber having a concert in the Polish city if Łódź (Lodz) in March this year, and this morning I just learned, that the yearly Orange Warsaw Festival will be visited by Beyonce! I’m always happy when world renowed starts visit our country, and here I give you again some tips if you want to come and see Beyonce in Poland.


Where and when

The concert will take place during the yearly Orange Warsaw Festival, which this year will be held on the 25-26th of May at the Warsaw National Stadium (Stadion Narodowy) also known as the national swimming pool, but I will get to that eventually. So, not only will you get to see Beyonce in Poland, but you can also take this opportunity to visit Warsaw. I think this is also important as Warsaw will probably be the easiest city for you to come to.

A word about the Orange Warsaw Festival

The festival takes place each year ever since 2008, when it was first started at the Plac Defilad near Warsaw’s city center. In the following years it was held at the Warsaw Pepsi Arena, another soccer stadium. I guess now that the National Stadium has been opened last year for the Euro 2012 soccer championship, the festical might move there permanently, but we’ll see how it goes.

During the two day event, you will be able to watch a large variety of starts, both international and domestic. For the full list of artists performing this year, please check their website. I wanted to rewrite it here, but their server seems down (although it did work a minute ago). Perhaps they’re overloaded, as the news about Beyonce in Poland spread only this morning and probably everyone wants to check now icon smile Beyonce in Poland   Orange Warsaw Festival 2013

In the preceeding years, the performing artists included top musicians and bands, such as The Prodigy, Linkin Park, Garbage, Skank Anansie or Nelly Furtado.

A word about the National Stadium in Warsaw

The National Stadium (Stadion Narodowy) in Warsaw is supposedly a state of the art structure (I wouldn’t know, I say what everyone else seems to be saying) built exclusively for the Euro 2012 soccer championship. It has been completed in 2012, and after the soccer campionships finished, the city is thinking hard what to do with it. It’s large (if I’m not mistaken, it can take up to 55.000 people) and it’s quite conveniently located. Seems to be the perfect place for Beyonce in Poland, or in Warsaw anyway.

There stadium is called the national swimming pool by some, after during one of the games someone forgot the close the ceiling during a very heavy rain fall. As the stadium is supposed to be kept dry (it has a roof, and the construction people probably assumed it would be closed during bad weather), the rain caused a lot of water on the field and the game was interrupted. Ever hear the term “Polish joke”? Well, that certainly was one …

Below you’ll find a google map with the stadium. May be helpful in getting there. Please continue reading on the next page for information about tickets and getting to Warsaw. Hopefully, your stay in Warsaw and the concert of Beyonce in Poland will be even more enjoyable.


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