English Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello Everyone! Just as I promised some 3 weeks ago, I have translated the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy into English, so you can all have a chance to read through it.

Apart from the difference in language, I have also slightly updated both by eliminating some typos and including a “cookie policy” which is, hopefully, in accordance with current European legislation. The main points in plain English, for those who don’t want to read through the whole thing are:

1. You e-mail address or any other data will never be shared by my with anyone else (except the Police if you do something wrong and they ask me).

2. Once there’s a newsletter signup possibility (currently there is none, but I’m working on that) your data, again, will not be shared by anyone, but I will send you a newsletter every now and then and that newsletter, apart from news about the Blog, may contain some ads.

3. Don’t be afraid of posting comments even though it requires an email address. This is to prove that you’re human. I will never use that address to send you anything (except perhaps an answer to your comment) and I will never give it away to anyone.

4. This site send cookies and so do the advertisers. If you don’t like that – turn it off in the browser options. This may, however, affect the way you perceive the site.

That’s generally it. One more thing – if you spam comments or if you do anything illegal I will do my best to haunt you down. Period.

Enjoy the blog!