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It is generally quite difficult to find stuff related to Poland online. Of course, in Poland there are many web stores. But they’re in Polish and probably not well suited for foreigners. Which is why I decided to create an online Polish store with Polish merchandise on my own, for your convenience.



Whether you’re considering to travel Poland as a tourist or are interested in the country’s history, current authors or musicians – there are things online which would probably be of interest to you. Travel guides, books about Poland, Polish Jewish history or works created by Polish authors – both current and historical.

Searching for that sort of thing on the Internet, although not impossible, can be quite a hassle. Which is why I decided to use Amazon to create an online store, for you, with valuable products related to Poland which I have hand-picked for your convenience.

I will, of course, update the contents of my Polish store as we go. But for now, I think it hold many relevant books, music and merchandise which may assist you in your trip to Poland or simply give you a flavour of what Poland is all about. I have divided it in a few categories to help you choose whatever may be of most interest.

The most obvious thing may be travel guides. My Polish store is full of them, and they are divided into those, which describe Poland in general and those, which are specific to a given Polish city. So take a look at them, and maybe you will find something for yourself.

Another thing are maps. Even though today the GPS has pretty much overruled old fashioned maps when it comes to travelling by car, they can still be very useful when you fly into a city and have to go sightseeing on foot. My Polish store is full of them, and I’m confident that they will present a valuable resource once you get down here.

Poland has a troubled, but therefore most exciting, history. I have selected quite a few books regarding Polish history, from as far as the medieval times up to most recent history, such as the fall of communism in 1989. Those are great books and, most certainly, the history is something worth learning about. Please visit my Polish store to see them all.

A crucial part of Polish history is formed by Jewish issues, the life of Jews in Poland and the Jewish holocaust as caused by Nazi Germany during World War II. There are plenty of books on the subject and they’re worth reading. I have created a special section just for that subject as I’m sure you will be interested. Please take a look at it – maybe you’ll sind something for yourself.

Last, but not least, there’s Polish music and Polish merchandise. There are many things to buy online – the existence of some of them I did not even suspect. Also, I think that it may be worth for you to check out wich international bands are Polish even though you may have never know that.

And the last thing – the current version of my Polish Store is by the UK version of Amazon. I realize that this may not be too convenient for my US and Canada readers. I am working on a similar store from the US Amazon. I will keep you updated when it’s ready – be sure to like my Facebook profile or follow my Tweets to get updates. For now, if you don’t want to pay for the additional shipping, feel free too look at the E-books and audiobooks. They can be downloaded anywhere, of course.