A stag party in Poland

February 13, 2013 in Accomodation, Attractions, Finance, Food, International, Leisure, Lifestyle, Transport, Travelling Poland

Stag party 300x222 A stag party in Poland

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Having that one last, full blown party right before getting married should be quite something, right? There are numerous reasons why many people decide on a stag party in Poland to say goodbye to their single state. The options to spend a great night or a great weekend in Poland are endless, and don’t come down just to drinking and lap-dancing.


Ever since 2004, when Poland joined the EU and many Poles decided to migrate to the UK and Ireland, the nationals from those countries seem to have gained some broader insight into what Poland may have to offer. One of the things that became very popular very quickly was to organise a stag party in Poland and take advantage of the low prices and many opportunities to have fun.

Futhermore, low cost airlines such as Ryanair or Wizzair allowed  the stag party folks to get to Poland cheaply and quickly, which again improved the experience of a party weekend in one of the Polish cities. And then there’s that rumor about the exceptional beauty of Polish ladies which just might have something to do with the popularity of the place for stag parties…

So let’s have a quick overview on where a stag party can be held, what you could do and, roughly, how much it may cost you. Starting with the “where” – the answer is quite simple: pretty much anywhere in Poland. Of course, I would recommend the larger cities as they generally offer more attractions of many sorts, but in the summer period all the seaside towns may also be a great option. From my experiece, having been on many flights from the UK to Poland, it turns out that people genrally choose Krakow in the first place and Warsaw as a second choice. These would, of course, be obvious choices but if you’d like to try something different, take a go at it.

As I mentioned quickly above, flying is cheap and there are plenty of good connections from virtually all over Europe, and certainly from the UK and Ireland, to get you to your stag party whenever you desire. Due to the likely budget restrictions, I recommend to use some of the lowcost carriers, but of course mainstream airlines are also available and offer a significantly better service. You can fly direct to any major Polish city like Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Pozań or Gdańsk. I recommed you use Skyscanner to serach for your flight, as they always managed to find excellent and cheap connection for me both on low-cost and mainstream airlines. There’s no use in overpaying.

Once you get to Poland, before your stag party starts you’d probably want to book youself to a hotel or hostel. The latter are cheaper, but the for a stag party you probably don’t want to be that cheap. There are plenty of hotels in every Polish city and the stag night will be great if choose one near the city center. You can pick and choose from 5 star to 2 star hotels – all there. I quite often used Booking.com for my hotel reservations as they give you a good overview of the hotel and price while allowing you to make a reservation without actually charging your credit card. So if your plans change – you’re safe.

So now you’re here, walking down a Polish street and looking for some fun at your stag party. Here are some options which you could easily consider, and they are all available in any Polish city of your choosing:

  • Gokarts
  • Paintball
  • Lasertag
  • General sightseeing
  • Renting a limousine for a drive through town
  • Museums (if that’s what comes to your mind at the thought of a stag party)
  • Shopping spree in the bigger malls / shopping centers
  • Excellent lunches at great restaurants

So you’re covered for the day. When it comes to the night time, most of you guys will probably end up in a place serving alcohol. There are many, and many, and many. Your stag night may start at a Polish pub (although if you’re tight with your traditions – Irish and British pubs are also plenty) and continue to a Polish club. During the weekend, you can easily pick and choose your favorite music and club atmosphere. It may also be a good idea to go “clubbing” in general and visit many clubs in one night. Most of the will be generally in walking distance from each other, so no worries about getting cabs and such.

OK, so there’s the last thing that probably interests potential stag party tourists in Poland – Polish strip joints and other laps-dance places. Yes, there’s quite a few of them in each city and you will probably consider them quite cheap (although they are much more expensive than your regular club). You get a show, of course, a fine selection of alcohols and also food (yes, many of them are made in a way that also allows you to have great dinner in the presence of the dancers). They do private dancing or lap dancing if you like, but it is ONLY dancing. Do not make the mistake of taking things a bit too far – you will get kicked out and it may not be pleasant.

I promised to go a bit on pricing – I do intend to make a proper pricing comparison like the one on groceries here but for now it’s just generic – here are the generic, of the top of my head, prices for things:

  • Flight to Krakow or Warsaw from the UK or IE – 50 pounds
  • Decent hotel in Krakow or Warsaw per night – 50 – 100 pounds
  • Fine meal at a good restaurant per person – 10 – 20 pounds
  • Fast food meal – 3 pounds
  • Regular club entrance fee – 5 pounds
  • Exotic dance club entrance fee – 10 – 20 pounds
  • Beer at a club – 1 – 2 pounds
  • Beer at an exotic dance club – 2 – 3 pounds

I hope this was a bit helpful. If there’s anything else of interest about a stag party in Poland or anything else – drop me a line. I’ll do my best to help out or meybe even make it into a post on my blog.