Welcome to the Blog of Poland!

January 20, 2013 in Basic Information

Made in Poland 300x205 Welcome to the Blog of Poland!

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Welcome to all of you!
My name is Michael and I’m the author / owner of this blog. I am Polish, yet I have travelled a bit in my life and I’ve spent many years living abroad. I realized quickly that Poland remains quite uknown to most, and information about Poland, if any, is generally untrue, based on stereotypes ranging even to superstition.

This is a huge pity, as Poland is a great country with pretty much everything people tend to enjoy in their life. Be it skiing, mountain hiking, kite-surfing, shopping, visting galerries or leading business. It is my goal to show you what Poland is all about and to those of you, who know Poland and like it – to provide a resource of news and currently on-going things which may be of interest.

Furthermore, Poland is a great place for business. I’m a great believer in entrepreneurship, small and medium business and all the possibilities of the Net. Down here, we have plenty of business possibilities starting with the construction of jet aircraft, going through a whole bunch of efficient web design companies and media houses and ending with superb franchinsing offers.

To make a long story short – this here remains a blog. This means, that the information I present to you is chosen by me and is probably subjective to my tastes and believes. And that’s the point in creating a blog. However, I believe that my opinions and hindsights will lead you to develop your own opinions, do some more reading on other sites and, hopefully, come and visit us.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting your Polish experience or are an enthusiast or perhaps an expat living in Poland – feel free to contact me if there’s anything I may be able to help you with. I love to hear your opinions.

Enjoy the Blog of Poland and let me know what you think!