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My name is Mike and I kindly welcome you to my blog – the Blog Of Poland. Yes, you guessed it – I am Polish. At the same time, I have spent a fair time (about 9 years of my life) living abroad. Also, as part of my several previous jobs, I have been travelling a lot, especially within Europe, and I was lucky enough to develop many international contacts with great people from all over.

Throughout my meetings and conversations with several foreigners, and especially during their visits to Poland, I found that the knowledge about my country is close to none. No wonder – after all, Poland is not exactly an international power, nor are we particularly famous for anything or infamous for anything else. And yet, I believe that there’s a lot to be discovered in Poland for almost anyone.

I tend to call Poland the Pearl of Central Europe. Not only because of our geographical location, which gives us access to wonderful, sandy beaches and quite decent, snowy ski resorts. Also, because we are a very entrepreneurial nation with several great ideas, many wonderful and innovative companies and an economy bound for success. You just have to find something for yourself!

At the same time, I found it difficult to serach the web for proper tourist information. You will find many governmental pages regarding visits to Poland, and they are helpful, but there seems to be nothing particularly noteworthy form a regular guys perspective. It is my intention to provide potential visitors with typical, subjective hindsight as to safety, transport, fun, money and anything that might prove useful while planning a trip to Poland. I know you will want to come once you found out what we’re all about icon smile About Me

One more thing though 0 I have no intention of advertising Poland at any cost. You will also find posts criticizing several things. My goal is to be absolutely honest. As much as the blog reflects my opinions, and my opinions only, I am doing my best to provide you with legitimate information. So, if something sucks down here (and several things do) – I will tell you!

I hope you will enjoy my posts. I also encourage you to send me emails with whatever you see fit. I will gladly read all your comments and will do my best to answer your questions. Please be active! Let’s build a community of Poland fans and pol-curious people!

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